Executive Search and Recruitment

Executive Search and Recruitment

Our genuine search capability begins by listening closely and investing heavily at the start of the process to make sure that we understand each assignment. We work in partnership with you to identify the best approach, learn about the role, the business context and the organisational culture that shapes it.

One thing we know and experience at Rothley is that good people know good people. For us, executive search is an open-ended, open-minded exercise, aimed at finding what – and who – we didn’t already know. We will have many valuable conversations with potential candidates, and with people who know potential candidates, and through these we will uncover the best people.

At Rothley, we know the best people may not be looking and that finding them requires a proactive, energetic search – one that starts with a deep understanding of the brief and uses sophisticated research tools and connections with the market to uncover the right person.

This is what we call ‘intelligent engagement’ - and it proves much more successful than passive, outdated recruitment methods. We combine smart, innovative search ideas with a consultative partnership to bring our clients added value and competitive advantage. We take a broad approach and will look at parallel roles in other fields and sectors, continually thinking creatively about how to find the best people.

We place only a limited reliance on conventional advertising as we know that whilst it can sometimes play a useful supplementary role, it will seldom uncover the best people on its own.

Following concentrated search, we will have identified the most qualified candidates who both well with the client’s culture and have the right background and experience. We offer best practice assessment, verification and checking techniques, including competency-based interviewing, 360-degree referencing, and other due diligence processes.

We are members of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), the organisation that has set the standard for quality and ethics in executive search and leadership consulting worldwide. We commit and adhere to the AESC's industry and government recognised Code of Professional Practice and Standards of Excellence, client organisations worldwide can be assured that AESC members are able to serve as trusted advisors for their most important engagements.

 What makes Rothley different?

  • Proactive sourcing with low reliance on advertising
  • Consultants who listen and provide results
  • Tailored, fit-for-purpose solutions
  • Client-owned research and intellectual property

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Our professional services ethos and tailored approach to pricing drives high quality service, lasting solutions and long-term partnership, in contrast to a one-off, transactional approach. This more transparent way of working allows our clients to measure value more accurately.