About Rothley

Rothley specialises in executive search and specialist recruitment.

We offer informed, comprehensive and discreet solutions to complex resourcing challenges. Rothley brings a proactive, research-led approach to search and recruitment, uncovering the best candidates for the role whether they are actively or passively looking. We provide our client’s access to people who may not be coming through the usual channels.

Intelligent Engagement



Long Term Relationships

Where we’ve come from

Rothley was founded in 2015 by Sean Brunner. Sean has more than 20 years’ experience in executive search and recruitment – in consulting, relationship management and leadership roles. He brings a deep knowledge of the industry, including its challenges and shortcomings, and a personal drive and commitment to provide a better, more partnership-based service to clients.

What makes us different?

  • Unrivalled experience

  • Proactive sourcing

  • Active listening

  • Tailored, fit-for-purpose solutions

  • Track-record of success

Quality First

Rothley’s emphasis on quality and the customer sets us apart from the short-term transactional focus that dominates the industry. That quality first principle is built into all aspects of the Rothley business model, including pricing. Our professional services ethos and tailored approach to pricing drives high quality service, lasting solutions and long-term partnership, in contrast to a one-off, transactional approach. Our transparent approach and way of working allows our clients to measure value more accurately.

Partnering with Talented Professionals

We foster continuing relationships with talented individuals who value quality and who seek to build challenging and rewarding careers. As part of this, Rothley commits to providing a better candidate experience.

Our “candidate promise” is that, as part of engaging with you in the service of our clients, we will:

  • get back to you promptly with a yes or a no
  • give you upfront, honest, and insightful feedback
  • provide constructive advice around professional branding, CV and interview preparation.